finaly - Amsterdam trip



hot chick'n wings. finished

the pictograms [quick, spicy, vegetarian and easy] and illustration for the recipie

weather_FORECAST and more

5 days weather forecast
the famous sticker

as you can see everything works. NICE ONE!


animated weather icons

I've never done it before, so i tried!
and so here we have a

"I'm so tiny, I'm so tiny, I'm so shiny(...)"
[a song dedicated to those, who know Michel Gondry]



special for you guys --->Will & Jul
probably you're rite saying, that i don't know what's good.
guess if i was French, i'd also think,
that baguette is the best bread in the whole world;)


I'm a sheep, sheep, sheep

Sheepy day, as i say! Job as good as any other but [!!!] a lot more fun! the deadline is close, so i need to grab my ass and do something for HEROES DESIGN

sheep character design


LAzy last Saturday-outstanding activities

after the book shop appeared to be closed we immediately decided to go for some ice cream

then because of my desire of drinking coke we went shoping(yes, Will was wrecked)

Julien cycling towards the pond

ducks here, ducks there, ducks everywhere

the good shepard [has always got enough food for everyone]


AGGREGATOR--the TOOLkit---1st try

I'm the No 1, which doesn't mean that I'm the best. I don't know, but i can feel it...

I'm No 2 and my mom likes me more than the first one-no lies, I know, she told me :)

"If a designer says,
that he uses no inspirations,
either he's a liar
or he's simply stupid."

I always missed a kind of aggregator-browser, which is able to provide sources for my graphic work. I always begin working on a project from research, either it's internet or another source of info.

The browser of my dreams is smart enough to find different kinds of graphic and sort them. I'd like to have an access to different kind of media and(that's the best thing!:)definitins of words [that's what i always look for;]. The variable choice of categories made me design symbols (i can't call them icons yet) for each one of them. I called the aggregator-server the TOOLkit so it reminds of a box of tools, which everyone can use to make his creative work faster.

Both of them browsers above are animated in the reality. didn't put the animation here 'cos for me it's not ready yet, so i thot that it doesn't make any sense, to show you the design at this stage [i just don't like showing things, that are not ready yet, same like talking about an idea without showing some examples]. Be patient and soon you'll see...

Mit, Manu and Klaus' exhibition

the artists
(AUSTria, SPain, SPain)

!!!here we go!!!
Manu's Photography

Mit's Pieces
after the SHOW is the AFTERPARTY!
+there's nothing like champagne to celebrate the big moment
the EXCHANGE group only
( 'cos dutch ppl don't like us;)


Once William found a carpet...


our livingroom looks way better

fun instead of wrk - it's just stronger than us...

FUN . FUN . FUN . FUN . FUN . FUN . FUN . FUN . FUN . FUN . FUN . FUN . FUN . FUN . FUN . FUN . FUN . ...............

Den Haag [05-06. 05]

lovelyyyyy...........(look at Nadia_she loves it;)
that's the view i'm talking about. łał!!!
TOKYO cafe {sushi, sake, wasabi competition...gorgeous}
our temporary house----wonderful
i'm the invisible man :)
and the best surprise ever ->
of the PENGUIN


the chick ;) -------cook book

not finished yet but +/- that's d way that my two pages in the cook book are gonna look like. Dont mind the typography...pls


Hot Chick'n wings [recipie illustration sketch]

that's the main idea. looks way better in my head!
{Let's see how it goes}

silk-printing - - - - - FIN

take all your problems and rip'em all apart...carry them off
curiousity|opportunity|creativity ___[i can only create my work from the sense that i have inside of me]
the phrase NOBODY'S PERFECT is an understatement

well, well, well...hope i'll manage to pint all this with a satisfying effect in the end. WISH ME LUCK all you people out there!


silk-printing __ch II

~IDENTITY~~~~have my own, have your own~
doesn't matter how much i want to be a part of a different world, i am what my environment is. that makes me sure about the need of #living by the surroundings#