May we all enjoy the New and Better YEAR!

“2009. OH YEAH!” was made from confetti [small bits of paper, usually colored, thrown or dropped from a height to enhance the gaiety of a festive event, as a parade, wedding, or New Year's Eve party]. The project was photographed in different stages of creation, composed into a simple gif animation and sent to my friends.


Merry ChristmasEveryone!

“Merry Christmas” was made from a cookie dough cut into small pieces, composed and cooked in the oven. The project thaught me patience but I enjoyed it loads. Merry Christmas and a piece of the cookie for everyone!


bold design project

It's time to show something, isn't it? I've been working on the logo design for a Parisian design association called 'Bold' - three clever and young product designers. Their new website is launching soon as well. I will pass the link as soon as the site is published. Bold asked for a simple logotype and so those are the proposals i prepared! They haven't chosen yet though. We'll see how it goes... P.S. the typeface used in few of them is Spectra designed by a polish typographer, Kamil Kurzajewski. thank you :)



Well, well, well...
here it is! My diploma project [Children Hospital Wayfinding System] got it's "5-minutes-of-fame-spread" in the press. Visual Communication magazine (Poland).


punktK is coming soon


Well hello there! The images are small treats of my diploma project. I'll try to publish a full case study about the Children Hospital Wayfinding System project soon. Enjoy the company!

zoo abc animal icons


C'est Bretagne

Sand, La Manche, Rocks and us

ah! + the WIND

little and colourfull

Fest-Noz ------->
the typical-folk-outdoor party of Brittany


long time, no see

i'm back again
with some fresh news
i'll tell you later :)


another one for my man

he has to get well very soon after all this!!
You see, i'm trying very hard. It can't be different.
William, i'm cooooooming! Ha!


Get Well Soon my Dear!

My dearest Willy has been operated(exactly his knee).
You'll jump soon again Willy!
[the cat..i guess because of your latest moustache;]


'Talking Head's (Gadajace glowy), 1979., Krzysztof Kieslowski

Krzysztof Kieslowski interviewed a number of ordinary Poles of different age asking them questions about who they are, what's the most important for them and what they wanted from life. The film is a harsh black and white image saying about values and dreams of people, that is why it brought me to the idea: romantic landscape of multiple portrait of minds.
published on filmweb.pl

documentary DVD cover design [school project]



....:::? what is this ?:::....

sequence project

rythm, sequence of movement, symmetry.

typoshop logotype

Fabris - The beginning

this is just the beginning of the story with Fabris. basic characters. To Be Continued. Promise to publish the final version. Will be avaliable for free ;)

the "long term" memory [chicago]