Aston Martin Bulldog [1980] Concept Car

I couldn't resist myself from publishing pictures of this amazing car.

Styled by William Towns, the Aston Martin Bulldog was ultimately built as a one-off testbed. Originally, it had been intended to be a limited run of about 25. It was built in the UK, but is a left-hand-drive car. It has an incredibly low height at 110 cm high, and featured a sharp, distinctive gull-wing door design. The interior uses digital instrumentation (!!!) and the rear view is delivered via a television monitor mounted on the center console (a later addition).

The first test drive of the Aston Martin Bulldog came in late 1979 and was a great success. After the development program was over, Aston Martin sold the only Bulldog to the highest bidder. Source

And this one is Lotus Esprit, one of James Bond vehicles. It's here because it's amazing and Bulldog reminds Lotus a bit and because I find this picture extremely inspiring.

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Airwin said...

Pfew, I want one!

reminds me of one of those vehicles from MASK ;-)