pop-up wedding card

My friends, Piotr and Anastazja (both creative and great people) got married on the 29th of May and the pop-up card was made for them. Congratulations once again guys!

The idea for this card was inspired by a template from Hiroko at Canon's Creative Park, but I modified the template by adding the cake's third level.
I also created a typographic pattern of the couple's names, which would be the elementary decoration of the cake. This cute little couple on the top of the cake resembles the actual newly-weds.

'Gorzko', the word appearing on the front cover is a special toast at Polish wedding party. It means 'bitter' but actually 'we want more sweet kisses!', so the groom kisses the bride in front of everybody once again... and again... and again!


Anonymous said...


Did you make them all by hand or did you have them assembled somewhere?

PunktK said...

I can proudly admit that I have done it all by myself :) It was FUN!

cpeep said...

Wow, I made a cake like that and "fun" was not one of the words I used to describe the experience! :0

I think yours works better than mine. The paper I used had too much texture, maybe.

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