FUNDBÜRO: Old Colour Positive Films [Slides]

Few days ago we received a set of old slides from our friend Ash. We found there photographs taken probably on a trip to Paris and few stops on the road. I choose three slides which I liked the most, scanned them to find details and get some informations on the places, where the pictures were taken. I discovered some cute lettering and messages carried by the signs. With a little help of the world wide web I found out where these photos where taken!

Picture No. 1
I found a sign on the streamer that is on pennant just below the yellow shield with a black bear. As it appeared later this is a coat of arms of Meulebeke, a town in located in Belgian province of West Flanders. The things that the first and most caught my eye were of course the signs in shop windows. Some more details below.

burges old slide

Picture No. 2
On this lovely picture you can see a shield of Nieuwpoort, a municipality located in West Flanders as well. After I saw these two coat of arms, I thought that possibly both pictures were taken in the capital of West Flanders, which is Bruges[fr.]/Brugge[nl.]. According to google the 'Van Mullem' (that's on the picture called 'Institute de Beaute'), the Pharmacy and 'Falleyn' (the next shop with pink awning) are still there, on Noordzandstraat :)

Brugge old slide

Here's a picture I found on panoramio of the Pharmacy and how it looks nowadays. Still has the same signboard!

Photo by Ainars M-3

Few details to enjoy the tasty resolution of slides and the retro lettering:

Picture No. 3
I choose this picture, because it was very different from the rest of slides - a little plane, particular colours and pretty fine composition.
I managed to read few words of the small sign that is placed on the bottom of the plane. Apparently the plane is the Spad VII a famous 'Vieux Charles' which was flown by
Captain Georges Guynemer untill 1917, when he served with the squadron 'Les Cigognes' (the storks). 'Vieux Charles' is now conserved in Le Musee de l'Air et de l'Espace is north of Paris at Le Bourget airport. But the picture was probably taken in Salle Foch in Paris, according to a photo (same ceiling) I found on www.earlyaviator.com

vieux charles

Georges Guynemer in front of his Spad fighter plane.

Georges Guynemer in front of his Spad fighter plane

The symbol of
'Les Cigognes' squadron, 1916. Quite a fighter stork!

les cigogne symbol
Design by Albin Denis, both pictures via L'escadrille SPA 3

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