MTV Identity Reboot

Yesterday, there was launched a new look of MTV, which was created by MTV's creative directors from around the world in collaboration with UK-based studio Universal Everything.

The new logo is, in fact, the old logo - but in MTV's new look, the logo remains black on a white ground - no colour, pattern or texture will ever adorn it - which is a change from MTV of old.

MTV Networks International now has a new flexible typographic navigation system for displaying onscreen information. The typeface used for this primary information is Pharma Bold Condensed by Swiss type foundry Optimo.

As well as the main programme info, more playful messages will appear in the lower third of the screen - and for this text, there is a collection of secondary brand typefaces to choose from, depending on the mood of the message. The eight secondary typefaces were selected for their expressive or emotion-inducing nature - and to add an element of fun to the onscreen identity of the channel. The faces are American Typewriter Light Italic, Balloon Bold, Bigcity Maxi, Cozzap Open, Flash ND, Futura SB Bold Italic, Sahara Bodoni and Signpainter House Brush.

Here's an example of how these will be used onscreen (excellent).

Each of the MTV idents has exactly the same 2/2 time signature – a heartbeat-like rhythm to which the MTV logo always pulsates. I present here still frames of my three favourite spots. You can watch all six of the new idents here

MTV International / Sweetheart from Universal Everything

MTV International /Mister Furry from Universal Everything

MTV International /Jewels and Oil from Universal Everything

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