Introducing: Animal Collective with "My Girls" and the movie clip animated by Jon Vermilyea

Animal Collective is a musical collective originally from Baltimore, Maryland, currently based in New York City. The band members met in school and started recording together in various forms of collaboration from a young age. Records released under the name Animal Collective's tracks may include contributions from any or all of the members; the lineup is not uniform. Their music is hard to define, it sound as they experiment with diverse styles and ideas from album to album. Animal Collective on MySpace

The reason why I'm posting anything on this band is the video called "My Girls", that was brought to me by my friend Florian. I immediately fell in love with both, hypnotising tune and the clip!

I'd like to also mention the man, who animated "My Girls". Jon Vermilynea is an outstanding, New York based illustrator, animator and comic book artist.
Jon Vermilynea

Animal Collective Animal Crack Box 3LP boxed setArt directed and designed by Rob Carmichael, 4 color silk screen box and LP sleeves

Beasts! Book Two, Fantagraphics Books

He-Man and the 13 Trials of Eternia, silkscreen


bold design association is online

The BOLD Design is a collaboration of three designers of a French origin - Julien Benayoun and William Boujon. Ever since its emergence, BOLD has never been so active. The new website and projects are now on show. I can also proudly announce to be the author of BOLD's fine logotype. Ta-dam!


BOLD also can be found on facebook

Revolution, a collection of pieces of furniture and objects based on a system, Julien Benayoun

Blowing Shapes, a result of a research on shapes, taking into account two universes : the digital manufacturing and the traditional blowing of the glass, William F. Boujon


TYPE PLAYER's delivered

I received a copy of Type Player, a book, in which my type works ('Merry Christmas' and '2009 Oh Yeah!' cards) are published next to pieces of Stefan Sagmeister, Underware or Via Grafik. Sweet!


NBP stands for National Bank of Poland. This beautiful type comes from a polish banknote that was used from 1972 to 1996. It was withdrew because of denomination in 1995. We may discuss the readability of "P" but still - lovely, classic monogram!



A photo-memory from the night behind the bar and many others at the Attent, a particular art gallery-music center-nite club in Charloise, south Rotterdam, NL.

All FB'ers are welcome to join the Attent Group


Jordan McAfee Photography

I've recently completed a project of visual identity and website design for Jordan McAfee, promising New York photographer.

The website was coded by DeniseDesign


Harvest Feastival

I had a chance to watch a beautiful performances of two folk ensembles: Polish "Warszawianka" and "Volynianka" from Ukraine. Amazing colours, costumes and those red Sindbad style trousers!