Comet lamp by TOM DIXON for Veuve Clicquot Champagne

This is one of the stories about how design is promoted by exclusive products, which are promoted by good design.
Comet lamp by
TOM DIXON for Veuve Clicquot Champagne made of DesignBox - its own exclusive eco-friendly gift box. This one of three collaborations was part of an installation called "Out of The Box" shown at Superstudio+ during Milan Furniture Fair 2009.
Clever and appropriate way to promote such a product like champagne and it's new packaging.

source as seen on AkiRampage


culinary magazine

Culinary magazine header, which I designed, unfortunately rejected by the client :/


hand lettering. chapter I

They say that practice makes perfect... alphabets


I ♥ you Mr. Brignell

You can't find too much information about this designer, but we all have seen his work on a daily basis. Hard to believe that one man stands behind so many recognizable logotypes!

I only found a brief review of Ian Brignell's presentation Type Club in Toronto on villatype.blogspot.com. The sentence that I was blown away by was "The most important point Ian made all night was to rough out your work fast and in multiples to get the initial gesture and energy, because you can't try and inject some energy later, it won't work" - I literally LOVE this demon (only the positive meaning) of logotype design and hand lettering.
Ian Brignell's portfolio


Belgian designer Raf Simons, some time ago has joined forces with Eastpak to develop a line of accessories under the Raf Simons Eastpak name. The collection is inspired by the designer’s own moods and trends and has been developed to fuse the feeling and personality elements of both brands into an accessible and edgy range, ready for the street.

The one that caught my eye is from the FW08 Collection: