The Night of Light

A poster for an event in my home town. Open air presentation of artists of the audio-video scene. Music and VJing night in the small town in Poland! FUN!


'Sign Graphics: Walk This Way'

I was invited by Maomao Publications, a Barcelona-based book packager and publishing house specialized in art & design to feature the signage system I developed for the Rainbow Children Hospital in a new book 'Sign Graphics: Walk This Way'. "The publication will put together innovative signage and wayfinding projects, in an effort to effectively represent a sourcebook for any professional interested in knowing the state of the art in this field." I am looking forward to be part of the book.


The enchanted kindergarden

The project is a result of an architectural competition for 2 kindergartens in Tromso, Norway. 70°N arkitektur "kindergartens have been built to have the possibility of variety in the use of rooms. With very simple moves one can change each room into new rooms of various sizes and functions. There are several options for combinations and joint actions of rooms and spaces.

One of the main ideas is that each base has two adjustable walls (fixed in one end, and wheels on the other) that gives the room a variety of combinations of small and large rooms. The walls are built with various shelves, drawers, blackboards, climbing partitions, puppet show sections and so on."

Fun and functional! What a lovely way to enhance the minds of kids with colours and a lot of imagination.



a place to see all of The Best Polish Design Diploma Projects of all editions. www.projektydyplomowe.pl


Best Easter Wishes in 1908

How crazy Ester can be? This was some creative man, who art directed this quite surrealistic picture! The saddest thing is that is that the only way to get a chick to stay that still for such a long exposure is to use a stuffed chick... Source

Best Easter Wishes [chick pulling flowers in small wagon]
Rotograph Company of New York, 1908


The New Arrival

Long-awaited Spring finally came. This calls for celebration everybody. Myself, I am glad to have such view outside my window.


Introducing: Origami In the Pursuit of Perfection

Sipho Mabona is an origami artist. Origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, can create stunning video commercials when combined with stop motion recording. This video, created for Asics by Sipho’s company Mabona Origami, is the world wide corperate movie that tells the story of the japanese sports brand ASICS won several international prizes. I think it's simply stunning.

Read more about making of here.