pique-nique / piknik / picnic

Sweet laziness of the late Saturday afternoon picnic at Statensingel in Rotterdam.


Introducing: Rare Book Room

A great website, which is an amazing library of rare hi-res images of ancient books. There are few books about graphic arts as well. Have you ever seen pages of Albrecht Durer's De Symmetria... and Underweysung der Messung or Manuale Tipografico by Giambattista Bodoni?
Here's your chance


Sketching at noon

It's been a long time since I did any sketches in the open air. Today, I was sitting outside this little brasserie and I found a view pretty interesting, so I decided to draw it!When I came back home, I decided to post the image on my blog and even more - check if and how Google registered the same spot. Forgive me Google, but you loose ha ha ;)
Kasia Kaczmarek, Schouwburgplein
, Schouwburgplein


FUNDBÜRO: Paris, Paris

The copper-green Knights of Sacré-Cœur

The treasure of Paris

One of all the magnificent initials curved in stones of Cimetière de Montmartre

Wallpaper samples books found in Dreyfus
in Marche Saint Pierre [six floors (0-5) filled with fabric bolts of different kinds]. The book is POPier Pent by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. My favorite pattern of all is the one looking like a huge, neverending receipt.

Another interpretation of zoo abc! a handwritten wallpaper by
JC de Castelbajac.

Easter-Donnie Darko-oversized-plastic rabbits in Printemps department store by Cracking Art Group

Precious Baccarat crystals.


william f boujon / product designer

Lately I have finished a logo and business card design for a young product designer William F Boujon, originally from France currently living in Rotterdam.

He is a strict mind seeking for clever solutions and inspirations in features of various materials. He loves to work with his hands and experience both, the design and creating process by his own. You are more than welcome to visit wfboujon.com


pop-up wedding card

My friends, Piotr and Anastazja (both creative and great people) got married on the 29th of May and the pop-up card was made for them. Congratulations once again guys!

The idea for this card was inspired by a template from Hiroko at Canon's Creative Park, but I modified the template by adding the cake's third level.
I also created a typographic pattern of the couple's names, which would be the elementary decoration of the cake. This cute little couple on the top of the cake resembles the actual newly-weds.

'Gorzko', the word appearing on the front cover is a special toast at Polish wedding party. It means 'bitter' but actually 'we want more sweet kisses!', so the groom kisses the bride in front of everybody once again... and again... and again!


The Beatles: Rockband

An amazing trailer was made to promote a new xbox game (which seems to be not interesting at all). Splendid short animated story of John, Paul, George and Ringo onstage, in the travel trying to escape their histerical fans and in dreamscapes that bring their psychedelic imagery to life. So who wants to join the band? Watch it in HD here