Introducing: Charles Avery & Bruno Schulz

Charles Avery, great artist. I saw his works in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen at Rotterdamse Museumnacht 2009 and I was very impressed espeially by his drawings and sculptures. You can see some of his works here

His artwork remind me of drawings and stories by a Polish artist Bruno Schulz, who's works I've always worshipped very much.

Ch. Avery, The Hunter's Cabin - 2004, pencil on paper

Ch. Avery, Untitled (Herd of Alephs) - 2008, pencil, ink and gouache on paper

Ch. Avery, Untitled (Ceci n'est pas un bar) - 2008, Pencil on paper

via www.doggerfisher.com

B. Schulz, Procession - 1922, Cliché Verre

via www.brunoschulz.org


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I'd go for way more interesting story here than the real one. But the truth is: evening - biking back home - a car collision - collar bone fracture. I'm having a surgery on Monday :/


Bavarian Frühstück

A delicious breakfast at Eva and Florian's last Saturday. German Weisswurst, freshly baked Pretzels and Obatzda (a spicy cheese spread). A once-in-a-lifetime experience! Oh and a beer of course, yes, for breakfast!

photographs by www.noway01.blogspot.com