Introducing: Charles Avery & Bruno Schulz

Charles Avery, great artist. I saw his works in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen at Rotterdamse Museumnacht 2009 and I was very impressed espeially by his drawings and sculptures. You can see some of his works here

His artwork remind me of drawings and stories by a Polish artist Bruno Schulz, who's works I've always worshipped very much.

Ch. Avery, The Hunter's Cabin - 2004, pencil on paper

Ch. Avery, Untitled (Herd of Alephs) - 2008, pencil, ink and gouache on paper

Ch. Avery, Untitled (Ceci n'est pas un bar) - 2008, Pencil on paper

via www.doggerfisher.com

B. Schulz, Procession - 1922, Cliché Verre

via www.brunoschulz.org

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M. said...

Schulz is a basket of gently breathing horrors with sad eyes casting gentle steps on creaking finely polished wooden floor boards. Sad, sweet horrors. Charles Avery appears so cheerful in comparison. He seems content. He seems mildly interested in his surroundings and unafraid to look around. I feel terror when I look at Bruno Schulz's work. Ghastly mad foot steps growing louder in the distance approaching closer, ever closer, closer and closer still.