OK Go - End Love

...and the chubby goose :*


child safety

Protect you Child's Room From Violence is an advertisement campaign for Caritas made by BBDO, a Duesseldorf based branding agency. via designmadeingermany.de

Festa de São João

Every year, on the 24th June, the city of Porto, in the north of Portugal (also Braga), becomes lively and seemingly crazy.

The party starts early in the evening of 23 June and usually lasts until the morning of 24 June. The traditional attractions of the night include street concerts, popular dancing parties, eating barbecued sardines, drinking wine, people hitting each others heads with those plastic hammers and releasing illuminated flame-propelled balloons over the summer sky.

Summer sky... :)

Festa de São João sardines

the evolution of world cup ball by NY Times

the evolution of world cup ball by NY Times here

here kitty

This tshirt design knocked me out of my feet.

I was designed by NY based Attack, a "multidisciplinary creative team that is an 'agency within an agency' at Wieden+Kennedy" for KCDC Skateshop "one of the most storied establishments in NYC’s skate culture". The tshirt is one of a set of 5 tees that accompany 5 skateboards for Summer 2010 and will be launched on July 9th. I'm wishing to get one myself/


PUMA bikes

I fell in love with FUNK

"Smart, Fast, and Oh So Fly. The PUMA Funk Bike mixes city bike features (dual brakes, free wheel mode, 28” wheels) and track bike features (handlebar, aggressive seating position, fixie mode)"

see other models at puma-bikes.com



staying at the terrace, doing things outside and most of all manufacturing Caipirinhas!


a praia

Parque Natural do Litoral Norte


Lobios, ES

natural thermal water in Lobios


vaca das cordas

There's a bull somewhere in this cloud of dust. I've been yesterday to Ponte de Lima to attend a feast of "Vaca das Cordas".

So they give wine to a bull, then they conduct him through the streets of the town to finally bring by the river, where they try to catch the animal and grab by the horns. the bull is tide with ropes and being controlled by few guys that keep the ropes.

Yes, I chickened out so there are no close ups available.