Swedish TreeHotel

"Set in the pristine forests of northern Sweden, just miles away from the Arctic Circle, the Treehotel combines stunning design with prefabricated tree-house construction."

There are five different units that will be ready for the opening this weekend (17th of July), each designed by a different architect to be completely unique. The owners of the hotel have plans for a total of 24 rooms within five years time.

Mirrorcube is one of the units. I find it the most beautiful thing I've seen lately. Love the way it disturbs the view turning it into an absolutely surrealistic image.

via inhabitat.com


Eva said...

i wonder how many birds got killed by flying into it tho'

Piotr Kaczmarek said...

Haha, great insight, Eva ;)
The Mirrorcube is amazing, thanks for pointing it out, Kasia!
Pozdrowienia z upalnych okolic Poznania!