Fresh24.pl - developing and doing well

It is one of the best things to fond out that the company that identity was created by you is developing, succeeding and best of all - expanding.

Fresh24.pl, which I am talking about here, is a on-line grocery store and delivery service based in Warsaw, Poland. The identity was developed in the collaboration with multimedia design studio Pictura based in Poznan, Poland. My part of the project was developing of all the identity and applications for the company as well as the main image that would appear on the delivery trucks, which was a digitally painted image inspired by the imaginary of the American and Russian advertisement of the 50's.

Fresh24 officially opened in July 2009. In the first year the number of registered users on the website reached 5,100 clients. Next Fresh24 open the emission of stock and its value on the first day on the market increased about 20,5%.

I'm thrilled!

The founders of Fresh24.pl: Jan Tkaczow and Piotr Wasilewski
photo from wyborcza.biz
illustration and design: Kasia Kaczmarek
image from retail.net

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