I tend to forget about

...how much I used to enjoy drawing.

Kasia Kaczmarek, drawing, nude 01
Kasia Kaczmarek, drawing, nude 01
Kasia Kaczmarek, drawing, nude 01
Kasia Kaczmarek, drawing, nude 01



Minha Casa - Decorações

Logotype for a shop, offering curtains, wallpapers and interior decorations.


vostok8 / logotype + identity

VOSTOK8 was created in 2008. An ambitious young company investing in niche and art cinema, producing feature films, documentaries, TV documentaries. Aims to gain a significant impact on the market for art house and socially engaged cinema.

VOSTOK8: from Russian: Восто́к [vɐˈstok]. meaning east as well as sunrise.

Eight as a sign of infinity, as a continuum of company's work: their journey as a creatives and producers. It is also a blending of two (or more) people, their sensibility and view of the world; a sign of their faith that what they do is important and necessary, and in some way, so that is immortal.

view the project on Behance


blog's new look

Time for spring cleaning, time to refresh! Since Kash-K blog will be soon hitting the 5th anniversary, I've decided to redesign the blog's template.

So here it is: sexy and funky fresh. Hope you'll enjoy.


business card: culinary artist

"A good business card is like a kick-ass tie; it won’t make you a better person, but it’ll get you some respect." Sean Adams, Partner. AdamsMorioka

I designed a business card for a friend of mine, a chef and culinary artist, Bruno Pereira.


introducing: Kamil Kurzajewski

Graphic & type designer, Kamil Kurzajewski, featured my PunktK business card as a Spectra "font in use" on his new website. For more about Kamil and his works - visit kurzajewski.com


~ Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Atley



at Wendy's®, a break on our way to Chicago, 2004


more about Confeitaria Lopes

Now you can see a detailed presentation of Confeitaria Lopes project on Behance.
The project which I created for and while working in Gen Design Studio.


wine coasters

Here it is. A project I have developed while working for Gen design studio. The set of 12 wine coasters illustrated with drawings of some of the most important grapevine varieties of Portugal; designed and developed as a merchandising gift.

Each image is a composition of the grapevine's characteristics. Presents its bunch of grapes, a leaf, a sprout and also illustrating the aromas typical for the wine made of this grape variety.
I also designed a simple packaging, printed with a copper ink that would resemble the colour of cork (another Portuguese good), which was also used as the material for coaster's base.

to see more of the project visit Behance
art direction and photography by Leandro Veloso
drawing and design by Kasia Kaczmarek
design by Gen Design Studio