wine coasters

Here it is. A project I have developed while working for Gen design studio. The set of 12 wine coasters illustrated with drawings of some of the most important grapevine varieties of Portugal; designed and developed as a merchandising gift.

Each image is a composition of the grapevine's characteristics. Presents its bunch of grapes, a leaf, a sprout and also illustrating the aromas typical for the wine made of this grape variety.
I also designed a simple packaging, printed with a copper ink that would resemble the colour of cork (another Portuguese good), which was also used as the material for coaster's base.

to see more of the project visit Behance
art direction and photography by Leandro Veloso
drawing and design by Kasia Kaczmarek
design by Gen Design Studio


Florian said...

These look really great Kasia!

PunktK said...

I appreciate it Flo. It was a lot of work!