reporting a theft - watchseries.eu

watchseries.eu I have got to report this shocking event to fellow artists/designers to get their designs copyrighted so they should not suffer as I did.

Back in early 2010 me and my brother created this logo design for Skorpion Arte, a Polish film production company, who is the rightful owner of the copyrights. Reference to the design could be found here: 
And the person/organization who is using the brand mark pixel by pixel, with colour changed is right here: 

I hope the person/organization realize their mistake.


Florian said...

Too bad that happened to you! Of course watchseries' whole business model is based on ripping off creators without paying them.

Nels Nelson said...

shocking, what can you do about it?

PunktK said...

already sent them an email, let's see if anything happens..

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.