Nissia Kamares

In 2011 Gen Design Studio redesigned the logotype of Nissia Kamares Hotel - Apartment resort based in Kos Island, Greece. The brief required use of the silhouette of a mermaid and friendly and available character of the brand that would reflect the familar character of the hotel.  

lettering and brand mark and applications design: Kasia Kaczmarek  
art direction and photography: Leandro Veloso


La Princesse

Princesse Samouraï, proposal, hand lettering based

Princesse Samourai logotype


3R / folded brochure

3R is a company specializing in exploitation of energy resources and environmental awareness. They work on regular basis with various architectural offices and the brochure aims to reach this group using a simple, economical and also intriguing layout.

project by Gen Design Studio
concept, layout & infographic: Kasia Kaczmarek
art direction & photography: Leandro Veloso 



stare ale jare: Kash

Kash [the previous kash-k blog logotype used for the header], 2008, Kasia Kaczmarek


herb garden

featuring: oregano, thyme, parsley and soon-to-be mint and spring onion.


Happy Easter!

Made with growing cuckoo-flower sprouts, a traditional Polish Easter decoration.;

Happy Easter from Kasia www.punktk.com